President Trump's 2017 Tax Proposal

On April 26, 2017, President Trump issued a proposal for a 2017 Tax Reform for Economic Growth and American Jobs

Outlined in the President’s proposal were four goals for tax reform:

  1. Grow the economy and create millions of jobs
  2. Simplify our burdensome tax code
  3. Provide tax relief to American families – especially middle-income families
  4. Lower the business tax rate from one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest
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What Taxes May Look Like Under President Trump

With Donald Trump as president-elect, in conjunction with a republican-majority in both the House and Senate, we have to ask ourselves as Tax Professionals, what this entails for the American public and what impact this will have on the future financial landscape of our country.  What we do know is that president-elect Trump has pledged legislation to reduce taxes and a vote to repeal “Obamacare.”

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The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH) passed by Congress and signed on December 18, 2015, made several changes that will impact landlords and tenants of commercial property. One significant change is it expanded the definition of “qualified property” eligible for bonus depreciation by adding a new category for “qualified improvement property”. The term qualified improvement property means any improvement to an interior portion of a building which is nonresidential real property if such improvement is placed in service after the date such building was first placed in service, excluding 1) enlargements, 2) elevators and escalators, and 3) internal structural framework. The improvements do not need to be made pursuant to a lease. Qualified improvement property is still considered improvements to commercial real property thus the depreciable life is 39 years, but in the year placed in service these improvements are now eligible for bonus depreciation.  

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The Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington has worked with Bormel, Grice & Huyett, P.A., since 1988. Their knowledge of the arts and the arts community make their services invaluable. They can translate accounting terminology into a comprehensive language. For many organizations, the accounting firm of Bormel, Grice & Huyett provides the financial "information bridge." We whole-heartedly recommend Bormel, Grice & Huyett, excellent accountants who care about our arts organizations.
Jennifer Cover Payne, Executive Director, Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington

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